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Poster: BongWzrd Date: Sep 24, 2009 8:47am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Furthur Sept 18th-20th Fox Theatre Oakland, CA

I cannot stop listening to these shows, they have a new vibe with an old school flavor to it....JK is the MAN and has Bobby & Phil really playing tight...Jeff as always is on fire and i really love the weave of sound Russo and Lane create with this band.....They really stretch some songs out and played with an intensity I have not heard from Bobby in YEARS!!!!!! Weir's playing was unreal, I truly think that JK's style unlocked that part of Bobby's brain that was in tune with Garcia...The crowd really showed lots of love for JK and that was good to see since many in that position have been criticized a tad...

Some of my fav highlights from the weekend:

09-18-09 1st Set
Bird Song >Born Cross Eyed >Let It Grow Birdsong gets out there and BCE was a treat, Grow is fantastic..

09-18-09 2nd Set
Sailor>Saint was very well done...JK and Phil get down pretty good during Saint, my sleeper pick of the run..

Althea made the crowd go nuts, JK got the song to himself singing wise and did it justice, I can't stop playing this track..

Scarlet>Fire is superbly done, the band gets down hard during Fire...

St. Stephen >The Eleven>Foxy Lady Jam>Terrapin Station is just bonanza, the whole band is engulfed in flames at this point, Phil is all over the place.

09-19-09 1st Set

Good Lovin gets a tad crazy, Bobby gets down hard and has some really nice vocals during this..

Estimated rocks my socks, JK nails it down with the "Whale Sound" during the Jam, Jeff and Phil shine throughout..

Stranger sounds like a throwback to 83-84', with Jeff getting WAAAYYYY out there, Phil dropping bombs everywhere..Booby shows some very strong playing as well...

The ENTIRE 2nd Set of 09-19-09 is a joyous ride, Shakedown gets really down and dirty, Playin'>Eyes>Unbroken Chain is where the band EXPLODES, Phil drops 7,000 bombs during the jam in Chain, really strong stuff, Bobby is not joking at all during this stretch, twisting rhythms into a knot and then untangling them.....Help>Slip!>Franklins is the icing on the cake, super strong jams during Slip! and Franklins..

09-20-09 1st Set

Half-Step and Throwing Stones are the jams for me during this set, again JK and Bobby take charge, Jeff rips mighty nice..

09-20-09 2nd Set

Viola Lee>Cumberland>Viola Lee is a keeper and a half, whole band cooks.....

King Solomon's was unexpected but super strong, nice drumming from Joe & Jay....

Dark Star>Welcome to the Dance>Dark Star>UJB is a great stretch, 2nd Half of DS is quite strong..

Really hoping these guys do a Tour, it will be an amazing treat to see this live....

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Poster: hippie64 Date: Sep 24, 2009 9:54am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Furthur Sept 18th-20th Fox Theatre Oakland, CA

"many in that position hve been critized a tad...."
Thats thats unfortune but true. the joke was w/ us not long after jerry died was "How many sax and guitars does it take to carry Jerrys sound"? and the answer is there is not enough jazz bands, orchestras and blues bands in the world.
JK has that DNA almost just from years of studying Jerrys phrasing and the way jerry could incorperate any style into the music.

I'm listening now to the Playin> Eyes and the piano is nuts Thats what I 'm saying about getting someone in there w/ a feel for the music of the Dead. However this whole Further experiment went down God I,m Grateful. I need to go back and get 9-20 now. It's fresh but it doesn't feel like a Placebo you Know?

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Poster: direwolf0701 Date: Sep 24, 2009 8:50am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Furthur Sept 18th-20th Fox Theatre Oakland, CA

ok - i'm sold - now i HAVE to check out these recordings. i was delaying (via general laziness), but your review has now made the shows a must listen.

thanks for the kick in the pants :)